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(August 23 - September 22)


SYMBOL The Virgin


ELEMENT Earth (material things & security)

MODALITY Mutable (changeable)

COLOR Navy Blue, Gray

METAL Mercury


ANATOMY Nervous System and Intestines

DUALITY Feminine

CHARACTERISTICS Modest, Shy, Meticulous, Dedication, Reliable, Practical, Perfectionist, Diligent, Intelligent, Analytical, Reserved, Critical, Helpful, Conscientious, Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Cold, Interfering, Subtle, Logical, Industrious, Cynical, Communicative, Health-Conscious, Hygienic, Orderly, Wholesome, Doer, Organized, Nervous, Willpower, Methodical, Modest, Discriminating, Restless, Order, Precise, Refined, Observant, Shrewd, Pessimistic, Judicious, Patient, Conservative

FAMOUS VIRGOS Stephen King, D. H. Lawrence, Sean Connery, Lyndon Johnson, Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, Gloria, H. G. Wells, Estefan, Terry Bradshaw, Ivan the Terrible, Bob Newhart, Raquel Welch, Buddy Holly, Tom Landry, William H. Taft, B.B. King, Lauren Bacall, Tommy Lasorda, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Bill Murray, Upton Sinclare, David Chappelle, Shania Twain, Mary Shelley, Barry Gibb, Salma Hayek, Adam Sandler, Arnold Palmer, Thomas Jefferson, Oliver Stone, Tommy Lee Jones, Confucius, Roald Dahl, Queen Elizabeth I, Yasir Arafat, Hugh Grant, Richard Gere, Jerry Sinfeld, Sis Caesar


POSITIVES - Conscientiousness Analysis

Virgos have an amazing ability to figure things out, how to improve everything and for analyzing details. Virgo has a constant drive to make things better. This makes them great managers in almost any field.

Virgos never-stopping-mind is truly a machine and can be used to fix problems of all kinds.

The Virgin is pure and their motives are honest. They want to accomplish something that makes the word better for all.

Virgos have excellent memories.

Virgos are health-conscious, hygienic people and they should live a long healthy life.

Virgos want to look after others - people, animals, plants and the Earth.


NEAGTIVES - Over Analyzing

Virgos have to understand that things in life just happen for reasons unknown. Calm down and do not over-analyze every situation. Let some things just happen in life and believe that it will be okay.

You may feel that your life and your climb to success is a steep hill that you may never be able to scale.

Virgos are very self-critical. Disappointment due to the lack of perfection is very unhealthy. Relax, you're doing great!
Virgos can be argumentative and they give constant criticism to those who aren't perfect. Virgos need to express the positive traits of your finely tuned analytical reasoning while helping others see your need for perfection.

Virgos have a very active mind that is always thinking and it seemingly can never be silenced. Virgos must learn when to shut off the mind and relax. Sometimes life passes by while your stuck in your head.

Virgos generally lack innovation and imagination because it is in your nature to look back and analyze, don't be afraid to trust and look forward sometimes.

Virgos do not take criticism well. Be calm when others criticize. Use your talents to analyze the criticism and see if their is truth in it. Do not let criticism ruin relationships or jobs.

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