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(February 19 - March 20)




ELEMENT Water (emotion & nurture)

MODALITY Mutable (changeable)

COLOR Pale Green, Turquoise

METAL Platinum


DUALITY Feminine


CHARACTERISTICS Imaginative, Sensitive, Compassionate, Dreamer, Romantic, Impressionable, Adaptable, Changeable, Receptive, Mystical, Emotional, Kind, Escapist, Idealistic, Secretive, Vague, Weak-Willed, Easily-led, Selfless, Unworldly, Intuitive, Sympathetic, Subtle, Prophetic, Spiritual, Elusive, Understanding, Self-Undoing, Impractical, Overindulgent, Open-Minded, Cross-Bearing, Tender, Humane, Animal-Lover, Fair-Minded, Martyr, Survivor

FAMOUS PISCEANS Sidney Poitier, Edward Kennedy, George Harrison, Jackie Gleason, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Ralph Nader, Nicolaus Copernicus, Bugsy Siegal, Mario Andretti, Harry Belafonte, Roger Daltrey, Ron Howard, Dr. Suess, Tom Wolfe, Jon Bon Jovi, Jane Goodall, Alan Greenspan, Rob Reiner, Ed McMahon, Oliver W. Holmes, Lawrence Welk, Rupert Murdoch, Sam Donaldson, Liza Minnelli, Billy Crystal, James Taylor, Michaelangelo, Albert Einstein, Jerry Lewis, Nat King Cole, John Updike, Earl Warren, Bruce Willis, Carl Reiner, Spike Lee, Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, Alexander Graham Bell, Edgar Cayce, Wyatt Earp, Cindy Crawford, Galileo, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Steinbeck, George Washington


POSITIVES - Intuitive Compassion

Pisceans are very prophetic and intuitive. When you get a hunch or a feeling, you should listen, you are probably right.

Pisceans are tuned in to a higher purpose for life. Their deep love for humanity and compassion is infinite and is needed by the world.

Pisceans likely have old souls with links to the spirit world and past lives.

Pisceans are very creative and generally succeed in the arts, marketing, music, teaching and drama.

Pisceans dream like no other sign. Use this time to be a constructive dreamer and success will soon follow.

Pisceans can adapt to all types of situations and people. You understand people and are empathetic to them. You would be great in counseling, psychology, judge, teacher or as a social worker. Help yourself by helping others.


NEAGTIVES - Self-Loathing

Pisceans have trouble saying no, but even the most compassionate of us must learn to say no at times.

Pisceans generally ignore or leave things alone that they don't want to deal with. This can lead you into to addictive behaviors. Face your problems, face your fears. Dig deep and solve the problem.

Pisceans lives are often filled with heartache and though you give so much, you wonder when and if you will ever receive. This leads to self-loathing, depression and negativity. It is a trap. Be patient Piscean, your time will come if you remain positive.

Pisceans are dreamers and this can be a powerful positive, but it is easy to get lost in this dream world and it is even easier to stay in this dream world. Wake up and face reality head on. Your kindness and compassion will win out in the real world.

Pisceans are generally not good business people because they lack the cut-throat mentality it takes. Either choose a different career or choose a business that does good for the world.

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