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(May 21 - June 20)


SYMBOL The Twins


ELEMENT Air (intellect & communication)

MODALITY Mutable (changeable)

COLOR Yellow, Light Blue

METAL Mercury

POLARITY Sagittarius

DUALITY Masculine

ANATOMY Hands, Arms, Shoulders and Lungs

CHARACTERISTICS Thinkers, Talkative, Mental, Adaptable, Flexible, Changeable, Responsive, Sociable, Superficial, Fickle, Restless, Intellectual, Ingenious, Quick-Witted, Versatile, Nervous, Tense, Innovative, Inconsistent, Cunning, Inquisitive, Communicative, Eloquent, Curious, Youthful, Lively, Intuitive, Attention-Seeking, Persuasive, Clever, Wise, Philosophical, Intelligent, Duality, Studious, Charming, Justifier, Gossiper, Opinionated, Amusing, Impatient, Enthusiasctic, Fun,

FAMOUS GEMINIS Paul McCartney, John F. Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Bob Hope, Barry Manilow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Prince, Marylin Monroe, Cole Porter, Doanld Trump, Michael J. Fox, Walt Whitman, Dean Martin, Queen Mary, Benny Goodman, Angelina Jolie, Queen Victoria, Joe Namath, Maurice Sendak, George W. Carver, Anne Frank, Prince William, Joe Montana, Brigham Young, Dean Martin, Sir Lawrence Oliver, George H. Bush, Lenny Kravitz, Morgan Freeman, Prince, Gene Wilder, Nicole Kidman, Kanye West, Johnny Depp, Judy Garland, Henry Kissinger, Gene Wilder, Douglas Fairbanks


POSITIVES - The Great Communicator

Gemini have a talent with both the spoken and the written word.

Gemini love absorbing information and they love to disseminate it. They love to learn and teach.

The Twins can see both sides of an issue and thus are great mediators.

Gemini are flexible and go with the flow and you are chameleon-like in your ability to blend in with your environment.

Gemini are adaptable and dexterous and can tackle many things at once.

Gemini can talk anybody into anything, justify the unjustifiable. Being a lawyer or working in sales is all to easy.


NEAGTIVES - Impatient

Gemini can chang their mood on a simple whim and this can often frustrate others

Easily bored Gemini can become frustrated by things moving too slowly. Gemini must learn patience.

Gemini's quick mind does not allow others to finish there thought. It is hard, but force yourself to allow others to finish speaking.

Gemini's take up new activities enthusiastically but lack application, constantly needing new interests. Training oneself to complete a task, even if moving from one to another, is key to Gemini success.

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