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(December 22 - January 19)




ELEMENT Earth (material things & security)

MODALITY Cardinal (creative and original)

COLOR Dark Green, Brown



ANATOMY Bones, Joints, Knees

DUALITY Feminine

CHARACTERISTICS Practical, Prudent, Pessimistic, Serious, Confident, Strong-Willed, Loner, Hardworking, Unemotional, Shrewd, Responsible, Persevering, Fatalistic, Miserly, Grudging, Ambitious, Disciplined, Patient, Careful, Humorous, Reserved, Steady, Leadership, Powerful, Materialistic, Organized, Planner, Stern, Melancholy, Taskmaster, Precise, Diligent, Cold, Cautious, Humorous, Conservative, Close-Minded, Critical, Spiteful, Stubborn, Unyielding, Wise, Introvert, Logical, Sarcastic

FAMOUS CAPRICORNS Tiger Woods, Nostradomus, J.R. Tolkien, Elvis Presley, Denzel Washington, David Bowie, Howard Hughes , Mary Tyler Moore, Mao Tse Tung, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Kevin Costner, Martin Luther King, Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Mel Gibson, James Earl Jones, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Page, Howard Stern, Sandy Koufax, Dolly Parton, Anthony Hopkins, Diane Keaton, Marilyn Mans, Robert Duvall, George Foreman, Rod Stewart, Muhammad Ali, Rush Limbaugh, Anwar Sadat, J. Edgar Hoover, Isaac Newton, Joseph Stalin, Joan of Arc, Edgar Allen Poe, Cary Grant, Al Capone, F. Batista


POSITIVES - Hard Workers

Capricorns work ethic combined with their superior organizational skills will lead you to financial success. They great managers and leaders.

The Goat climbs the mountain slowly and sure-footed, just as you move through life, achieving success slowly but surely. You will reach the top of any mountain you climb.

Capricorns are known for their wit, humor and sarcasm.

Capricorns do not waste anything, especially for the Earth they care so much about.

Capricorns active mind quickly grasps new ideas and quickly finds creative ways to put them to use. Find a carrer wher you can put your great mind to use.


NEAGTIVES - Single-Minded

Capricorns set their minds on a task and stick with it, even as the ship is sinking. Admitting it is over or isn't working is hard, but sometimes it will save you from drowning.

Capricorns are not known for taking too many risks in life. They value the beaten track and things "tried and true". This works as much as it fails. Don't be afraid to take the occasional chance in life.

Capricorns are attracted to status symbols. Money, cars, clothes and everything else to show your greatness. Except it really shows your insecurity and can lead to financial trouble.

Capricorns false pride makes it hard to admit when they are wrong, or to ask others for help. This will cause troubles in relationships.

Capricorns are the loners of the Zodiac, yet the truth is the have a great desire for love an to be appreciated. Don't box yourself in your little, safe world. Open up to others and share your love and your need to be loved.

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