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Gemini - Gemini have a talent with both the spoken and the written word. Gemini love absorbing information and they love to disseminate it. They love to learn and teach. The Twins can see both sides of an issue and thus are great mediators. Gemini are flexible and go with the flow and you are chameleon-like in your ability to blend in with your environment. Gemini are adaptable and dexterous.
Scorpio - Scorpios simply never give up, they have tremendous staying power and this bodes well for aspects of life. Scorpios mental and physical powers are amazing. They can learn to use their power to help and inspire others. A career with an inspirational, leadership position is ideal.
Leo - The Lion will proudly assume the role of leader in all situations, whether accepted by others or not. Generally others are accepting because of your confidence, swagger and friendliness. Leoians love of life is attracting to all and they will follow you almost anywhere. Leoians are often motivated by affection for people, and they usually believe in making people (their subjects) happy. They make great friends.



The History of Astrology


Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies (stars, planets, moons and the sun) and how they have an influence on human affairs including destiny, personality, and natural events. The belief is planetary movements influence the moments in time and thus the people of that time.


The records show astrology appeared as early as 1645 BCE in Babylon. Galileo and Copernicus, were both practicing astrologers and founders of the modern scientific movement. In addition astrology in similar, yet different forms appeared in China and India thousands of years ago.


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Aries - Aries is a natural leader and an activist. You can make it to great heights in anything you do. Aries is very open-minded to new ideas and has a love for freedom. Aries loves a challenge. The word "don't" and "can't" have little meaning to the Ram. It is in Aries nature to express power. You treat opposition as an obstacle that you simply move around or ram right through it. This expression of power also shows in your courage. You get what you want.
Pisces - Pisceans are very prophetic and intuitive. When you get a hunch or a feeling, you should listen, you are probably right. Pisceans are tuned in to a higher purpose for life. Their deep love for humanity and compassion is infinite and is needed by the world. Pisceans likely have old souls with links to the spirit world and past lives.
Sagittarius - Sagittarians are generally lucky and seem to be in the right place at the right time, they make friends easy, and they don't dwell on failures and therefore what else can they be but optimistic? Sagittarians minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are in a constant pursuit of adventure and new ideas. This openness leads to much knowledge, truths and peace of mind. Sagittarians search for wisdom, but love freedom and prefer to find answer for themselves. You would rather learn on your own than be taught.


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